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Last update:  14. September 2013

Adobe East - contemporary Southwestern/Native American art gallery.
Agawa Indian Crafts and the Canadian Carver - offering North American Native art and crafts.
American Aboriginal Art and Crafts - replications of Native American Indian weapons, instructional books and videos, and more.
American Indian Culture Research Center - research center on Native Americans (Plains Tribes); with an on line market of Native American products, handcrafts, and jewelry.
American Indian Fine Art Museum Reproductions
American Native Arts & Antiques - includes trips to the Southwest.
Americana Indian and Western Collector's Shows - traveling show of southwestern Indian arts and crafts.
Americas, The - source for carvings, ceramics, and jewelry. Items shown here are hand-crafted by native artists from North and South America.
Amerind Art - contemporary and historic Navajo weaving, Southwest artifacts and Indian rugs.
Amerindian Arts - graphics and prints with Native American subjects. Also fetishes, pottery and sandpaintings.
Anahuac Imports - Information and pictures on Central America past and present accompanies our current catalog of ancient Maya reproductions, hand-made by indigenous artists.
Apache Arts - Native American owned artistic, educational and reference materials.
Arizoni - brings to the European market a beautiful selection of Indian, Native American and Southwestern American-style costume jewelry and crafts
Arrowhead Trading Post - native American pottery, jewelry, music and more.
Arte Maya Tz'utuhil Gallery - Colorful oil paintings by Tz'utuhil Mayan Indians from the highlands of Guatemala depicting their lives and rich cultural traditions.
ArtNatAm - featuring works of Native American Artists.
Authentic Native Arts - offering paintings, pottery, sculptures and jewelry. All artists are Native Americans.
Balance-In-Life - custom Mardi Gras masks and Native American art.
Baleen Basket - one of the world's largest hand-crafted baleen baskets.
BarJ Ranch Jewelry Studio - handcrafted Native American jewelry in a western and southwetern style.
Beadedweb - beadwork and other arts and crafts made by Shoshone-Bannocks, including craft kits, teas, powwow outfits, and more.
Bear Star Traders - offers Native American gifts, crafts, and supplies.
Big "S" Trading Company - offers American Indian artifacts and related items.
Black Mesa Traders, Inc
Blanket Brigade - retailer of historical clothing and Witney blankets.
Brown Hawk Trading Co - we deal, by mail order, in a wide variety of Native American arts & crafts including jewelry, fetishes, paintings, rugs, pottery, beadwork, handmade crafts and baskets.
Buy Indian.com - Welcome to the Heart of the Indian Jewelry Country
Caddo Trading Co. - specialized in moundbuilder Indian arts. Sales of artifacts, rocks, fossils and books.
Canadian Native Arts and Crafts - hand knitted pullovers, cardigans and accessories by native Canadian Indians.
Canadian Native Cree Crafts - hand-made clothing, beadwork and artwork by James Bay Cree people.
Canyon Country Originals - pottery, baskets, rugs, turquoise gold silver jewelry, kachinas, paintings, sculptures by Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, Acoma, San Ildefonso, Santa Clara and Pueblo Indians.
Caswell Brook's Painted Feather - mail order sales of Native American reproduction arts, crafts, clothing, and artifacts.
Catalog of the Americas - Folk Art of American Indigenous people, from North, Central, and South America, buying directly to support artists and their work.
Cherokee Jewelry - Native American sterling silver jewelry and crafts.
Cherokee Moon
Cherokee Publications
Cheryl's Custom Made Roaches
Chestatee Crossing, Inc. - unique collection of American Indian arts and crafts.
Cheyenne Outpost - Native American Art Center
Chimayo Trading and Mercantile - selection of Native American pottery, paintings, jewelry and Navajo rugs.
Chukchi Sea Trading Company - Eskimo arts and crafts.
Centinela Traditional Arts - handwoven wool products using natural dyes, custom-dyed yarns, handspun yarns, and the traditional Rio Grande weaving styles.
Circle of Nations
- Native American gift shop and awarness center featuring certified Indian made silver jewelry. Includes a local pow-wow schedule.
Cochiti Ray's Drums II - offering traditional, handcrafted Native American style drums.
Coghlan Art Studio and Gallery - native art from the Pacific Northwest coast.
Continental Imports - specializing in Native American and Central American products.
Country & Indian Store - Native American Indian art and artifacts.
Coyote Creek Southwestern Products - jewelry, pottery, contemporay sterling silver jewelry, Southwestern books, a monthly contest, and information about Native Americans and the Southwest.
Creations by Lauren - custom designed Native American styled reproductions.
Cristof's - Navajo weavings and rugs, kachinas, sandpaintings, miniatures, jewelry, sculptures, storyteller pottery, and other Native American/Indian art.
Dakota Spirit - distributor of Native American products handcrafted by the members of the North Dakota Reservations.
Dancing Horses - from storytellers and dream catchers to talking sticks and tomahawks.
Dancing Otter - Native American and Earth-based arts, crafts, craft supplies and books.
De Bears - Large selection of handcrafted American Indian jewelry, direct from Gallop, NM.
Desert Jewels - jewelry, Black Hills gold, stone knives, arrowhead jewelry and more.
Desert Moon Native Crafts - sells traditional baskets, dreamcatchers, jewelry, painted feathers, and custom items.
Desert Mountain Trading - specializing in Native American arts and Southwestern accessories. Offers Indian jewelry, turquoise, kachinas, Daniel Monfort sculptures, Bill Rabbit prints, etc.
Desert People Native American Treasures - sells handmade novelty gifts, such as flutes, peace pipes, drums, and baskets, at below cost.
Diane's Native American Quilts
Doc Tate Gallery - originals at dealer/whole price.
Eagle Gallery
Eagle Wing Indian Art - offers collectible Native American Kachina dolls, pottery, and jewelry.
Earth Song - Native American, custom-made hand crafted apple head dolls, ceramic figures, log homes by Niya.
Eastern Cowboy - handmade Native American items.
Ellis Tanner Trading Co - art by Navajo, Zuni, and other Native American artists.
End of The Trail
Everybody's Store - an eclectic rural general store, carrying exotic groceries, clothing, indigenous art, and more.
Farwest Art Gallery - specializing in authentic beadwork, Western art and memorabilia.
FBS Fine arts & Southwest Jewelry - web based mail order catalog for Southwestern jewelry, craft items, and Native American art.
Fine Art in the Native Tradition
Four Winds
- association (en Suissse) de personnes désireuses de partager leur intérêt pour les Natifs d’Amérique
FreeSpiritGallery.ca specializes in Native North American and Inuit art.

Frontier Beadwork - specializing in moccasins, cradleboards, and buffalo robes, plus customized pieces.
Full Moon Creations - tipis made by tribal members on the Flathead Reservation.
Gallery of the American West - features American Indian: potters, jewelers, weavers and carvers.
Gallery Southwest - Collectible Pueblo pottery by master potters Lonewolf, Lansing, Tafoya, and Martinez.
Also offering sculpture, Navajo rugs, and jewelry.
Globalarts - trading company dealing in ethnic arts and crafts.
Great Trading Path - Native American Indian art, crafts, beadwork, jewelry, drums, pottery and southeastern Indian history.
Greytones - charcoal art studio specializing in historical Native American portraits.
Guthrie Studios - family of artists creating cast paper sculpture, paintings, prints, dolls, and light switches.
Hands Around the World Specializing in Hand Made Treasures from Around the World.
Heartlines - offers Native American jewelry, fetish carvings, and pottery.
Hopi Market - authentic Hopi and Navajo arts and crafts. Including kachinas, pottery, jewelry, textiles, Navajo rugs and more. Also offers profiles of the artisans.
Hubbell Trading Post - guide to Navajo rugs. Includes photos, descriptions, weavers, rugs for sale, and a history of the Hubbell Trading Post.
Indian Art Collectors
is an online portal for all collectors and artists of Indian contemporary art to share their passion and art collection with each other.
Indian Art Unlimited - art dealers of work made by southwestern Native Americans.
Indian Artifacts, Inc. - authentic replicas of artifacts, tools, and other possessions of Native American Indians.
Indian Arts and Crafts Association - works to promote authentic Native American arts and crafts through public education and through common standards for the industry.
Indian Joe's - authentic hand made Indian art.
Indian Paintbrush - offering art products bought directly from American Indian artisans in the Four Corners region of the Western United States.
Indian Point and Artist's Point - indian jewelry of various types and also unique pointalism artwork.
Indian Pony Art Gallery - Native American pottery, baskets, jewelry, paintings, fetishes, sculptures, and more.
Indian Summer Native American Art - dealers in Native American art.
Indian Village - specializing in authentic Native American jewelry, pottery, kachinas and rugs.
Inter Tribal Sportswear - specialized in
Authentic Indian Designed Sportsware
Inter-Tribal Traders - Native American art and gifts.
ISAAC OOH-MOO-COO-DAA-GUN - Native Arts and Crafts Shop
Jacob Lake Inn Gift Shop
Jamboree Jewelry - contemporary handcrafted American Indian jewelry and watches with gold and silver inlay.
John Martin Gallery - specializing in traditional Indian art, folk art, furniture, rugs, dolls, and collectables.
Journey Song - Alaska Native and American Indian products emphasizing traditional healing and beliefs.
JR Merchandise - authentic, hand-crafted Native American products.
Kachina House is the largest distributor of Native American Indian arts and artifacts in Arizona.
Kiva Gallery - specializing in original paintings by American Indian artists.
Kiva Trading Company - direct reservation traders featuring handcrafted jewelry, pottery, weaving, fetish carving and fine arts.
Kokopelli Traders - Authentic handcrafted Indian jewelry created by skilled Navajo craftsmen. Certificate of authenticity with each purchase. Stones set in sterling silver.
La Quinta Trading Company - artifacts include drums, fetishes, fountains, furniture, rattles and more. Lazart, Inc.
Len Wood's Indian Territory - gallery of antique American Indian art and artifacts.
Littleleaf Charles, Native American Flute Player, Performer
Vicky Littleleaf's Native American Links
Lone Wolf Woman - displays handmade Native American artwork and jewelry.
Lou Ann's Native American Gift Shop - authentic Native American decor, dolls, stories & prayers along with gifts for all ocassions.
Lovena Ohl Gallery - southwestern Indian jewelry, Kachinas, pottery, sculptures, etc.
Main Frame Gallery - collection of alabaster sculpture and pottery from Michigan's Saginaw Chippewa Tribe.
Man Wolf's Flutes
Many Nations - unique items from many Native American nations, quality and authenticity guaranteed. Antler and bone jewelry, baskets, books, prints, & music.
marknet - represents Southwestern and Native American artists, craftsmen and dealers.
Mashantucket Pequot Trading Post - gift store of a Native American Research Center currently under construction.
Material Culture - Southwestern Indian art analysis and restoration. Specializing in pueblo pottery and Navajo rugs and textiles.
Matoska Trading Company - offer books, music, videos, beads, bells, shells, feathers, leather, craft supplies, and more.
Medicine Man Gallery - operated by J. Mark Sublette. Offers antique and contemporary American Indian art and early American western paintings.
Mesa Verde Pottery - Functional and designer pottery hand decorated by Native American Indian artists in southwest Colorado's Four Corners region.
MHG Artifacts Pottery - collection of Native American and Pre Columbian pottery.
MHG Services - Native American and pre-Columgian artifacts dealer.
Micah International Ltd. - supplier of North American Indian jewelry, arts, crafts and collectibles to the retail and tourist gift shop market across Canada.
Migrations - contemporary and historic Native American (American Indian) and Inuit (Eskimo) art and crafts.
Moon Spirit Gallery - offering a wide variety of Native American Indian and southwest art, jewelry, Kachinas, ceremonial artifacts, fetishes, and books including Shamanism and Earth Mysteries.
Mound City Relics - offering prehistoric relics from Missouri and the midwest.
Mountain Ridge Trading Co
Naja - offering Southwestern style jewelery and dolls.
Native America Arts and Crafts - offers Navajo rugs and baskets, Native American pottery, buckskin paintings, and more.
Native American Collections - contemporary gallery featuring Kachinas, fetishes, Navajo folk art, jewelry, and pottery from Acoma, Jemez, Santa Domingo, Santa Clara, San Ildefonso, Zia, Zuni, and Hopi.
Native American Flute - crafted from red or white cedar. Includes traditional tribal music instructional tapes.
Native American Technologies - Replicas and reproductions of archaeological artifacts.
Native American Traders - offering fine Native American art including Hopi Kachina dolls, baskets, pottery, weavings, prehistoric pieces, paintings, carvings, artifacts, Navajo rugs and more.
Native Art Network - Features the very best of Native American fine art and culture from Native artists of North America. 100% Native owned and operated.
Native Arts Trading - finest authentic hand-crafted art from the Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, Chippewa, Apache, Sioux, Blackfeet, Cree and other tribes.
Nativebiz.com Featured AI/AN News Stories
Native Mall - marketplace for American Indian artists and merchants.
Native Spirits
Navajo Gallery & Gifts - selling arts and crafts.
Navajo Rugs of Hubbell Trading Post - authentic Navajo rugs for sale.
Navajo Shopping Center - pottery, concho belts, jewelry, and more by Acoma, Navajo and Zuni artists.
Navajo Silversmith, The - offers authentic traditional and modern Native American jewelry and artwork by Dennison Tsosie.
NCIDC Indian Art and Gift Shop - offers a variety of art, crafts and handiwork.
Nendjak Bachtezun - selling Native American antiques and artifacts.
Nizhoni Trading Company - art, pottery, jewelry, kachinas, drums, books, music, and other gift items by Native American artists.
Norman Hamilton - paintings, pen and ink drawings.
Northern Plains Beadwork - made with old beads, brain tanned hides, buffalo rawhide, some are sewn with sinew; there are no synthetics or modern materials
Northwest Connection - featuring native art and jewellery from the Pacific Northwest.
Notah Dineh Trading Company - collectible Pueblo pottery, Navajo rugs, Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo jewelry.
OCB Trading Post
Of The Earth - deals, sells, trades, and appraises North American Native art.
Oktalonli.com - original paintings by Jeri Oktalonli and her friends.
Old Territorial Shop - offering Native American arts and crafts, pottery, kachinas, indian jewerly, and Navajo rugs.
One Eyed Jack's Trading Post - a collection of Native American baskets, weavings, collectibles, Navajo rugs and blankets.
Oregon Flute Store - flutes and accessories endorsed by Douglas Spotted Eagle, Kevin Locke, Gary Stroutsos, and many more. Flute making and playing tips.
Oregon Native American Business and Entrepreneurial Network
OutWest Art & Artifacts
Pat's Authentic Indian Artifacts - American Indian arrowheads and artifacts from a collection that has been gathered over a period of more than forty years.
Pathways of Enlightenment - Celtic & Native American gifts, crafts, supplies & resources.
Paulingston Bronze Sculptures
Paulingston Zuni Fetishes
Paulingston Pet & Animal Watches
Phoenix Fine Art - dramatic, sensual, and yet contemplative art that spans the gamut of human thought and emotion, featuring the works of Henri Peter and Carl Clark, Jr.
Plainsmen Gallery, The - Featuring western, wildlife, Native American, and Florida art, prints, bronzes, and Native American collectibles. Serving Clearwater/Tampa Bay.
Potcarrier American Indian Arts - pueblo pottery, Zuni fetishes, Hopi Kachinas, Navajo rugs and other Native American arts.
Prairie Edge Trading Company - reproductions of Plains Indian buffalo skulls, weaponry, dolls, drums, clothing, and ceremonial objects.
Prairie Star Gallery - authentic Native American paintings, sculpture, jewelry, weavings, gifts, music and more. Specializing in Plains Indian art.
R & J Trading Company - specializing in native american art, reproductions, and pottery.
R.A.C. Trading & Services Enterprise - Ojibway owned trading house, specializing in the sale and distribution of original Native artwork and collectibles.
Rainmaker - trading in fine Native American art and artifacts.
Rangerdm's Collectibles, Indian Artifacts, and Indian Art Forms - offering Indian and pre-Columbian artifacts, Indian artforms, and collectibles.
Raven Publishing - Art books: Learn to draw, paint, carve using northwest coast native Indian art styles and designs. The most comprehensive and informative compilation of Northwest coast design styles and techniques are found in these reference and instructional manuals.
Raven's Window - scenic prints and serigraphs of Northwest Coast Indian style art.
Red Canyon Indian Store & Rock Shop - located in the heart of southern Utah, not far from Bryce Canyon National park. Souvenirs, Indian artifacts and western wear.
Red Chief Trading Post - dealing in Navajo sandpaintings. Direct from the navajo reservation in the 4 corners area.
Red Cloud - features Indian art, Native American artists, jewelry, graphics, and pottery.
Red Sky Productions - develops and promotes Native American entertainment.
Rez Dog Clothing Company - American Indian Hats and T-shirts.
Richardson's Trading Co. - seller of kachinas, Navajo tugs, baskets, pottery, jewelry and much more.
Roadrunner Trading Co. - handmade Navajo and Zuni jewelry and artifacts.
Ron McGee Indian Art Gallery - specializing in Hopi pottery, kachinas, jewelry, and baskets.
Rushmore House Publishing - distrubute limited edition Native American art, prints and sculptures along with books about early South Dakota.
Sa-Cinn Native Enterprise Ltd
Sacred Wind - hand made art and artifacts from the Southwest including kachinas, rugs, pottery and more.
Sacred Wing Feather Painting - hand painted feathers. Western art motif, wildlife and nature scenes.
San Brenton - sells hand carved knives and pipes, furs and skins, and beads.
Seahawk Auctions - source for old Northwest Coast Native Indian art and artifacts.
Sewell's Indian Arts - specializing in Hopi Kachina Dolls, Indian jewerly, rugs, and pottery.
SFM Native American Artists
Shiprock Trading Company - new and antique native american arts and crafts.
Shoshone.com - legends, art, graphic design, pueblo pottery, living history reenactment, buckskinning, and Native American poetry.
Shush Yaz Trading Company - see samples of our huge inventory of Navajo, Zuni and Hope Indian Jewelry.
Silver Buffalo Gallery - offers Native American jewelry, flutes, books, music, pottery, and more.
Silver Eagle Traders - specializes in American Indian jewelry and artwork.
Sioux Pottery - Creating Lakota Handcrafted Collectables Since 1958
Soaring Eagle Gallery Inc
Sobi-Sky - American Indian arts and wears. Also offering porcelain dolls.
Southwest Arts & Crafts - group of Southwest Native Americans selling their beadwork, pottery, painting and more.
Southwest Trails Blankets
Spirit Mountain Navajo Rugs
Spirits of the West Coast Native Art Gallery - Presenting original Pacific Northwest Coast Native American Art including masks, carvings, sculptures, jewellery, paintings and prints.
Spirit Warriors Gifts - museum-quality replicas of Native American implements: bows, arrows, shields, tomahawks, arrowheads. All hand-made.
Stellar, Affordable, Native American Flutes
Stone Edge, Charlie Acuna - bowyer and knapper
StonesNSilver - extraordinary handcrafted Native American Jewelry made by the Zuni, Navajo, & Santo Domingo Indians
Summers Gallery - offering a collection of authentic Native American arts & crafts.
Sunshine Studio - offering antique and contemporary American Indian art including jewelry, pottery and more.
Suwannee Case - specializing in Florida Indian art.
Tahoma Trading Co. - A cutting edge Native American Trading Company
Talking Bear Creations
- Native American ceremonial objects.
Tanner Chaney Gallery - offers Native American art including jewelry, pottery, Navajo weavings, gem
quality turquoise, coral, sugilite, sterling silver, and 14kt gold. Online ordering available.
Tecumseh's Trading Post - wide variety of hand-made Indian items.
Tobe Turpen's Indian Trading Co. - southwest indian baskets, jewelry, Navajo rugs, fetishes, kachinas and more.
Totem Lodge - buys, sells, and trades hand-carved totem poles, collectable fish and lures.
Totem Spirit Enterprises
Tribal Crafts - offers for sale Hopi kachina dolls, Hopi silver jewelry, Southwest pottery, Eskimo ivory carvings, Haida argillite carvings, and Northwest coast basketry.
Tribal Expressions - selling contemporary American Indian art.
Tribal Wear - featuring native american ceremonial war-shirts and jewelry.
Triple-O - offering handmade dreamcatchers, earrings, and collector's knives.
Tumahawk:America's Native Arts - Authentic Native American jewelry, Navajo and Zapotec rugs, totem poles, paintings, pottery, pewter, and southwest decor.
Turquoise Turtle - American Indian-owned business on the Tohono O'odham Nation. Specializes in offering the very best of Native American music, arts, and crafts.
Turquoise Village - Zuni Indian Fetishes-Southwestern turquoise & Silver Indian jewelry-Hopi & Zuni kachinas-Southwestern Indian pottery-Zuni, Navajo & Hopi Indian western silver jewelry(earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins & belt buckles)
Two Bears Trading - beadwork, gourd art, pine needle art, artifacts, specialty designs, embroidered and beaded apparel and gifts.
Two Grey Hills Indian Art - Navajo rugs, Pueblo pottery, jewelry, Zuni fetishes, baskets and more.
Wandering Bull, Inc - Native American craft supply house.
Warpath Trading Post
Whirlwind Studios - selling Native American paintings, craft and music.
White Buffalo Intertribal Store - retailer of Native American goods - everything from replicas of artifacts to music to home decor.
White Eagle Arts - specializes in Native American and Western Arts and Crafts. Traditional artwork handmade by natives from the HoChunk, Lakota, and Navajo Cultures.
Wild Wind Creations - catalog of Native American arts and crafts.
Wind Dancer Creations - real bone hairpipe, glass and brass beads, leather, real buffalo horns, etc.
Wind River Southwest Gallery - Indian merchandise from over 25 reservations and many trading posts fill the walls. Pottery, prints, sculptures, sand paintings, artifacts, kachina dolls, baskets, mandellas, rugs and blankets.
Wind Wolf Woman
Winter Sun Trading Company - carries wildcrafted medicinal and cerimonial herbs and Native American art.
Wood Age, The - creating the story of life, work, and dreams in a hand-carved totem pole.
Woodsong Flutes - we sell quality Native American flutes. We are two dedicated craftspeople who love what we do.

ZuniArt.com - Beyond Tradition, In honour of Zuni Fetishes......
Zuni Fetish Collectors - authentic Zuni fetish carvings for sale.

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