Description: 32 counts, 4 walls, Beginner/ Intermediate

Choreographed by: Guyton Mundy

Music: “Good Little Girls” by Blue County


R Kick Ball Change, R Sailor Step, L Behind & Cross ¼ turn R, Sailor w ½ turn

1&2     R Kick, Step R, Step L,

3&4     Step R behind, Step together with L, Step forward on R

5&6     Step L behind R, step together with R turning ¼ to R, Step forward on L (3:00)

7&8     Step R behind L turning ¼ R, Step together with L turning ¼ R, Step fwd R (9:00)


L Hip Walk, R Hip Walk, Rock fwd L, L Lock Step Back

1-2       Touch L toe forward, Step forward  on L         

3-4       Touch R fwd forward, step forward on R

5,6       Rock fwd on L, recover on R

7&8     Step L back, lock R into L, Step L back


R Lock Step Back, L Rock Back, Shuffle fwd L, R, L, Walk fwd R, L

1&2     Step R back, lock L into R, Step R back

3,4       Rock back on L, recover on R

5&6     Shuffle fwd L, R, L

7,8       Walk fwd R, L


Step fwd on R turning ¼ to L, L behind & cross, R side Rock, R behind & cross w ¼ turn to L, Step fwd on L

1          Step fwd on R turning ¼ to L,

2&3     Step L behind R, Step R to R side, Cross L in front of R

4,5       Side rock on R to R side, recover to L

6&7     Step R behind L, Step L to L side turning ¼ to L, Step fwd on R

8          Walk fwd on L


++Begin Again++